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Document ImagingCanon Paper Scanners Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems: Document Scanners from Canon

No matter which model you choose, innovation and value come standard. After all, that's what people expect from Canon's DR-Series Scanners. That's because our scanners offer the kind of high-performance features that make converting paper documents easier. Like high-speed precision feeding technology, compact design, high-speed color capability and even flexible configuration options. And with so much advanced scanning technology to choose from, you're sure to find the imaging muscle you're looking for. At Canon, we're giving people the know-how to take full advantage of the digital office. To Purchase, click on links or images below:
CR180 Check Transport

The high-speed Check Transport CR180 scans both sides checks and simultaneously reads the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) characters using its built in magnetic head.

DR 3060
DR3060 Document Scanner
The Canon DR3060 is a revolutionary Desktop Duplex Scanner offering true high performance right at your desk. It's a new generation of advanced scanning technology based on Canon's renowned DR-3000 Series.
DR 3060
DR3080 CII Document Scanner
The DR3080 CII scans at speeds up to 86 images per minute. It offers a wide choice of scanning modes-24-bit color, 256 levels of grayscale and black and white modes, even advanced text enhancement for the documents with text on a dark background. Equipped with dual sensors, the DR-3080CII provides fast efficient one-pass, two-sided scanning, for robust document management and flexible paper handling. Connectivity is easy, too.
CD4070 NW Document Imaging System
The CD-4070NW gives you everything you need to capture and store documents  on economical, standard, Compact Disks(CDs)-without using a complex PC-based system.
DR5010 C High Speed Document Scanner
The DR5010 C is a compact, high speed document scanner packed with extensive features for seamless, hassle-free scanning.
DR 5020
DR5020 High Speed Document Scanner
The Canon DR-5020 Desktop Document Scanner makes short work of your high-volume document imaging applications.
DR 5060 f
DR5060 F Hybrid Document Scanner
Canon's DR5060 F - The Scanner with a Photographic Memory. Only Canon's DR-5060F digital scanner captures documents electronically, saving them simultaneously on obsolescence-proof microfilm.
DR6080 High Speed Color Document Scanner
100/150/200/300/400/600 dpi resolution, 500 sheets Autofeeder Capacity, Fast processing at 120 ipm (Duplex) and 60 ppm (Simplex)
DR7080 C High Speed Color Document Scanner

The DR7080 C achieves a new level of efficiency, providing high-speed color scanning for batch scanning needs, as well as fast and easy flatbed scanning.

DR9080 C High Speed Color Document Scanner
Engineered to serve demanding, high-volume image capture applications, the new color DR-9080C performs duplex scanning at up to 90 pages per minute (PPM) in B/W or grayscale modes and up to 50 PPM in color.
DR3080 C II  
CD4070 NW  
DR5010 C  
DR5060 F  
DR7080 C  
DR9080 C  

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