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Art and Museum StorageMuseum Shelving Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems: Museum Shelving

Rare books, first editions, fragile bindings and so many pages that tell the stories of our world...

Spacesaver understands the meaning of the words conservation and preservation when it suggests its renowned Mobile Museum Shelving for the safe storage of books in mobile ranges.  These museum shelving systems eliminate aisles and maximize the capacity of any given area, while maintaining total and free access to all documents.



The diversity of shapes and sizes of artifact collections that museums must preserve often require custom solutions.  Oversized and heavy artifacts add another variable to the storage problems of museums.  There is no universal answer.

Spacesaver suggests its 4-post and long-span shelving in connection with its Museum Shelving systems.  These museum shelving systems are designed to exceed industry standards, sustain heavier loads, offer wide and free storage surfaces, and permit effortless respositioning of shelves and accessories to create new configurations as new storage needs arise.

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