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Managing Paper FilesFile Tracking Software Designing the Future of Storage

Donnegan Systems can help you to reduce the number of lost files and greatly increase the speed of file location; those are the goals. And Donnegan Systems can help you attain those objectives with file tracking software systems that are easy to set up, are based on a windows operating system, and permit a number of cross references, search fields, file identifiers, requester information and reports. In some cases, we can provide software to drive your automated carousels to bring the desired file location to you.  

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NetFile Manager                                                                        

When you look into future of Records Management what do you see?

Have you ever had to search for a file that isn't where it was supposed to be? How much time, money, and lost productivity did that experience cost you?  Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to gain control of your   critical documents and information, build records management process, and to be able to scale your business to comfortably handle growth? NetFileManager provides you with the tools and flexibility to build the right records management solution for your organization. Whether your needs call for tracking active paper files, managing archival storage, implementing a comprehensive document imaging system, or all of the above NetFileManager is the right    solution for you.

NetFileManager addresses all areas of records management, uses the latest technology and development techniques,  and stores the images and information in a world-class data center. The underlying architecture allows NetFileManager to accept any object in any format and track it anywhere. It is designed to change and adapt as your needs and requirements change. 

Overview of the NetFileManager  Workflow.

We define records management as the systematic management of active paper documents, documents and and files stored off-site and documents converted to digital images. NetFileManager allows you to take an unbiased approach to the document storage and retrieval methodology employed for any application.

The power of NetFileManager is its simplicity, ease of use, and low cost. NetFileManager addresses the issues Record Managers are required to deal with on a daily basis.

 Listed below are some of the key features in NetFileManager.  

System Overview

  • Web based solution means there is no technology to buy, hence no capital expenditure or on-site technical expertise required. Software updates are done on the web server and are automatic. No end-user involvement required. As a web based solution, NetFileManager is inherently multi-user and operates in a real-time mode.
  • NetFileManager Data Center is in a world-class facility.
  • Available as an ASP solution, In-house solution or combination of both.
  • Supports imaging, file tracking, box storage, microfilm indexes, video, audio, PDF, Word, Excel and other objects.
  • Supports multiple projects
  • Administration
    • Full reporting capabilities
    • Control data integrity and user access.
    • Manage Users, File Types, and volumes.
    • Add/delete/edit files and other settings.
    • Ability to backup and restore system settings in automated fashion.
    • End User personal preferences.
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